Lips too red?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. We do make lipstick in other colors, but our chief preoccupation is providing the community with excellent quality black lipstick at affordable prices.

Our ingredients are all-natural. Of course, the word ‘natural’ has no legal or scientific definition in the world of cosmetics, so every natural cosmetic company sets its own parameters. For us, ‘natural’ means using plant-based oils and waxes, lanolin, and beeswax, mineral pigments and/or carmine for color, and distilled essential oils for fragrance. We are currently working on a vegan lipstick base, so please contact us if you’re interested. Special requests are encouraged and appreciated.

Our current product list includes:


Black!!  The best ever!  A perfect blend of black iron oxide and mica in a moisturizing base, this color is opaque and long-lasting.

Meghan with parasol and Black lipstick
Meghan with parasol and Black lipstick

Pewter Cauldron – The color of Duct-tape, with bluish undertones.

lipsticks 005

Indigo Bridge – This is a dark, metallic blue that verges on black.

Here's Nora wearing Indigo Bridge
Here's Nora wearing Indigo Bridge

Black Lagoon – A dark, metallic green.

Bad Penny – A strong copper color that combines metallic shine with good coverage.

Dot, the genius behind our lovely graphics, is wearing Bad Penny
Dot, the genius behind our lovely graphics, is wearing Bad Penny

Undead Red – A dark, dark red that wants to be called ‘plum’ or something.

lipsticks 040

Blood Red – Developed by accident, this color is disturbingly realistic.

Roxanne at The Flower Cart in Blood Red
Roxanne at The Flower Cart in Blood Red

Bugs Blood – A charmingly simple cold red stain made from carmine. Good for Neo-Victorians.

The Secret of Invisibility – For our friends who have mastered the fine art of invisibility, we offer a clear lip moisturizer that will never give the game away.

Our invisible model, Ben
Our invisible model, Ben

Black Coffee – A very dark brown with warm undertones.

This Corrosion – The charm of decay can be yours when your lips are the color of purified rust.

lipsticks 065

Cyanosis – This is a bright blue that could suggest either oxygen depletion in the human body or advanced smurfism.

Kim with Cyanosis, camera and mirror!

Chlorosis – Have you tried to get diagnosed with the Green Sickness lately?  It’s nearly impossible!  Thankfully, we offer this green shade for lips (or face, as needed.)

lipsticks 035

The Purple Cloud – Named after the classic M.P. Shiel novel, this color is perfect for the end of the world and other special occasions.

Purple Cloud lipstick

If you’d like to purchase any of our wares, please visit the webshop here on the site, at the following URL:

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