**Dead Cosmetic Workshop: Violet Powder — Sunday, July 8th at 6pm at GEARCon**


I’m so happy to be running a workshop this Sunday evening (6pm) at this year’s GEARCon!! Thanks to all the event runners and organizers who let me sign up at the last minute.¬†Here is some copy:
Resurrect another Dead Cosmetic with Kim Damio of Portland Black Lipstick Company. This year, we’ll be re-creating a mid-Victorian era violet-scented powder and (as usual) attendees will be able to take a small quantity home free of charge. Learn why violet powder contains noactual violets!! Let the story of the violet powder poisonings of 1878 chill your blood!! Hear the melancholy story of Violet Powder’s descent into modern day obscurity!! Join us and smell fabulous!!
Here is a link to the event for all the particulars:


Happy Birthday, Blush Beauty Bar!!!

This weekend is Blush Beauty Bar’s 14th birthday celebration!! There will be special offers, free gifts with purchase, delicious snacks, and the chance to visit with the lovely people who run Blush and reps from multiple local and independent makeup brands. I’ll be there on Saturday to rep PBLC, so please stop by if you can and we’ll chat about lipstick & glitter!! For the event particulars, please click on the image below:

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween and a big ‘Thank You’ to everyone who helped make our Halloween Season (and the entire year, so all holidays all the time, really…) so fun and fabulous!!

Portlandia is full of *Weirdos*…and we love it <3 <3

If you’ve been watching season 7 of Portlandia, then you might have seen some of our makeup!! Here is a picture of Carrie and Fred during the filming of episode 1, “The Storytellers.” I’ve always wanted the Weirdo characters to wear my Vegan Corpse Paint and Black Lipstick, so thanks so much to makeup artists Terrie Lodge and Jessica Needham for making my dreams come true!!! To watch the scene they are prepping in the photo, just click on the picture and you’ll be directed to IFC’s youtube clip of “Weirdos Go Shopping.”

An Abominable (but pretty) Winter in Portland!!!

As a few of you already know by now, PBLC just moved its headquarters and work space in the middle of the worst snow storm Portland has experienced in several decades…honestly, what were the odds of that??? Unfortunately, the snow madness caused some temporary delays in service. We were able to finish our move this past Friday and are busy catching up with orders this week, sending out personal email notifications as they are mailed out. If you haven’t heard from us yet, please know we are plowing through orders (ha ha ha…some Snowpocalypse humor there…) as quickly as possible. If you have a particular concern regarding your order, please don’t hesitate to pm us via facebook, convo us through etsy, or email us through our website. All affected orders will be receiving a free sample of Abominable matte white lipstick (except those who actually ordered Abominable…..you will receive a free sample of Snow Queen) in addition to whatever free sample/s you would ordinarily receive with your order. Thanks again for weathering the storm with us!!!!!!

Our old neighborhood the first night of the storm…gorgeous, but totally anti-car!!

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