We slept through half of Monday, so proudly introduce our ‘Semi-Cyber Tuesday’ sale!!


Because we sleep really late here at Portland Black Lipstick Co Headquarters, we did not run a sale for Cyber Monday—-HOWEVER—we will be holding a Semi-Cyber Tuesday sale starting tonight at midnight PST (Pacific Standard Time–or Portland Standard Time, if you prefer…) and running for the full 24 hours of Tuesday 11/29/16. If you purchase a minimum of $50.00 USD in product (sorry, but shipping cannot be included in the total) then you will receive a free lipstick of your choice with your order. A purchase of $75.00 USD of product will get you not only the lipstick mentioned earlier but a Glitz (natural glitter) of your choice as well! When placing the order, please contact us in a separate email via our website (or an etsy convo if you prefer shopping via etsy) stating which color lipstick (and Glitz, as applicable) you would like as your free gift. [Please note, the free gift/gifts will not show up in checkout, but will arrive in your order. ]

Reverse Trick-or-Treating the Hosts of KGW’s Portland Today Show (w/Lipstick!!) – or – Happy Halloween!!!

Portland Company Does Black Lipstick Year-Round


Happy (Almost) Halloween!!


This time of year, I make *a lot* of black lipstick–while cleaning up my work space I ended up with this holiday-appropriate lipstick swatch on my hand!!

Welcoming Autumn with the ‘Dead Leaves of Lipstick’

In just a few hours now, it will be officially Autumn (in Portland, the equinox is supposed to be at 7:21 AM) so I thought I’d introduce some new Fall colors (along with some old favorites) with this ultra-sophisticated seasonal color chart!!!


Here is the color key:

A – Thee Psychic Berry

B – Irony

C – Good-bye, Little Yellow Bird*

D – Fleurocious*

E – The Coral is Coming from Inside the House*

F – Blood Red

G – Imitation Cherry*

H – Bitter Orange*

I – This Corrosion

J – Undead Red

K – Smug Pumpkin*

L – Chthonique*

*These colors are either new or were previously only sold at in-person events, by special order, or through shops. They are currently listed on Etsy in our shop at pdxblacklipstickco. They will be added to this website soon as well 🙂 🙂  🙂

Because EVERYONE looks good in black….

I was interviewed last week for this wonderful article by Chanel Parks all about my FAVORITE LIPSTICK COLOR!!!

Please click on the lovely photo below to find the article on s-w-e-e-t.com (also available on Snapchat…see site for details.)

chanel parks article

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