Bust Magazine Reviews 9 Indie Makeup Brands (Including Us!!) <3

So pleased that we are one of Bust Magazine’s picks for lipwear in Kathryn Hensch’s article 9 Indie Makeup Brands that Are Way Cooler than Mainstream Ones!! The picture they use features our vintage black and white labels–they are in color now, so don’t be alarmed that they look different than what you ordered. Happy to be in such good company!!

bust pic

Frock has a new shop in Seattle!!

Congratulations to Frock Boutique for the opening of their second store!! The grand opening of their new Seattle location is September 11th (TONIGHT!!) from 6-9pm and they are located at 6500 Phinney Ave N. (in SEATTLE!!) They are selling PBLC lipsticks there as well as at their PDX location, so this will be a great chance to check out our colors in person (while enjoying pie and champagne!!)



Happy Halloween (now w/more zombies!!)

Happy Halloween to you all!! In honor of the holiday, here is a zombie movie for you!! 2047 Productions presents ‘Screamwriter’ — a horror movie for anyone who has been haunted, chased, and attacked by their own creative projects (and, really, who hasn’t??) The zombies are wearing our makeup–mostly Undead Red, Coffee-Black, and Black–with some Chthonique and Phantom Powder used as well. A special thanks to the folks at 2047 for being so spooky and awesome!!


How to Travel through Time (While Looking Your Best…)

In a few weeks, I’ll be co-running a workshop on historical makeup (Georgian, Regency, and Late Victorian/Early Edwardian eras) with the beautiful and talented burlesque performer and makeup artist Vanity Thorn!! Check out the event website for a complete description of the day’s offerings and for registration details.

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