Portlandia is full of *Weirdos*…and we love it <3 <3

If you’ve been watching season 7 of Portlandia, then you might have seen some of our makeup!! Here is a picture of Carrie and Fred during the filming of episode 1, “The Storytellers.” I’ve always wanted the Weirdo characters to wear my Vegan Corpse Paint and Black Lipstick, so thanks so much to makeup artists Terrie Lodge and Jessica Needham for making my dreams come true!!! To watch the scene they are prepping in the photo, just click on the picture and you’ll be directed to IFC’s youtube clip of “Weirdos Go Shopping.”

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Starting today — A Halloween sale for PBLC fans and their ghostly friends!

What shade is your shade?  Whether your favorite ghost is made of glowing spheres of light, appears as a dark shadowy wraith, or manifests as green slime, the Portland Black Lipstick Company wants to help you help them find the perfect lipstick this Halloween season!

From today (October 21st, 2011) to All Souls Day (November 2nd, 2011) anyone who purchases two lipsticks of any color from our website will receive a third product for free!  It can be either a lipstick or a glitz and the color is your choice.  Just order the two lipsticks as usual, then send a separate email letting us know what free item you’d like us to send.  Your companions from beyond the veil will appreciate your thoughtfulness!