An Abominable (but pretty) Winter in Portland!!!

As a few of you already know by now, PBLC just moved its headquarters and work space in the middle of the worst snow storm Portland has experienced in several decades…honestly, what were the odds of that??? Unfortunately, the snow madness caused some temporary delays in service. We were able to finish our move this past Friday and are busy catching up with orders this week, sending out personal email notifications as they are mailed out. If you haven’t heard from us yet, please know we are plowing through orders (ha ha ha…some Snowpocalypse humor there…) as quickly as possible. If you have a particular concern regarding your order, please don’t hesitate to pm us via facebook, convo us through etsy, or email us through our website. All affected orders will be receiving a free sample of Abominable matte white lipstick (except those who actually ordered Abominable… will receive a free sample of Snow Queen) in addition to whatever free sample/s you would ordinarily receive with your order. Thanks again for weathering the storm with us!!!!!!

Our old neighborhood the first night of the storm…gorgeous, but totally anti-car!!

We slept through half of Monday, so proudly introduce our ‘Semi-Cyber Tuesday’ sale!!


Because we sleep really late here at Portland Black Lipstick Co Headquarters, we did not run a sale for Cyber Monday—-HOWEVER—we will be holding a Semi-Cyber Tuesday sale starting tonight at midnight PST (Pacific Standard Time–or Portland Standard Time, if you prefer…) and running for the full 24 hours of Tuesday 11/29/16. If you purchase a minimum of $50.00 USD in product (sorry, but shipping cannot be included in the total) then you will receive a free lipstick of your choice with your order. A purchase of $75.00 USD of product will get you not only the lipstick mentioned earlier but a Glitz (natural glitter) of your choice as well! When placing the order, please contact us in a separate email via our website (or an etsy convo if you prefer shopping via etsy) stating which color lipstick (and Glitz, as applicable) you would like as your free gift. [Please note, the free gift/gifts will not show up in checkout, but will arrive in your order. ]


Reverse Trick-or-Treating the Hosts of KGW’s Portland Today Show (w/Lipstick!!) – or – Happy Halloween!!!

Portland Company Does Black Lipstick Year-Round



Happy (Almost) Halloween!!


This time of year, I make *a lot* of black lipstick–while cleaning up my work space I ended up with this holiday-appropriate lipstick swatch on my hand!!


Welcoming Autumn with the ‘Dead Leaves of Lipstick’

In just a few hours now, it will be officially Autumn (in Portland, the equinox is supposed to be at 7:21 AM) so I thought I’d introduce some new Fall colors (along with some old favorites) with this ultra-sophisticated seasonal color chart!!!


Here is the color key:

A – Thee Psychic Berry

B – Irony

C – Good-bye, Little Yellow Bird*

D – Fleurocious*

E – The Coral is Coming from Inside the House*

F – Blood Red

G – Imitation Cherry*

H – Bitter Orange*

I – This Corrosion

J – Undead Red

K – Smug Pumpkin*

L – Chthonique*

*These colors are either new or were previously only sold at in-person events, by special order, or through shops. They are currently listed on Etsy in our shop at pdxblacklipstickco. They will be added to this website soon as well 🙂 🙂  🙂