Notice of Recall for Black Lagoon Lipstick

Dear Beloved Customers,

We have just discovered that one of our pigment suppliers is recalling the mica we use to make Black Lagoon because it is colored with a pigment that is FDA approved for use in eyeshadow, but not lipstick.  For this reason, we are temporarily halting the sale of Black Lagoon dark green lipstick and are recalling those that have already been purchased.  If you love the color as much as we do, don’t worry–we will soon re-release Black Lagoon with an alternate, FDA approved, green mica.

If you purchased a Black Lagoon before April 16, 2010, please contact us.  We will happily refund your money (with the lipstick itself as proof of purchase) or replace the lipstick with a new one and give you a free gift for your inconvenience.

All the best,

The Company

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