PDX Black Lipstick Co featured in Portland Monthly Magazine’s Shop Talk

Fashion writer Eden Dawn recently posted this wonderful write up and interview on Portland Monthly Magazine’s Shop Talk:

“When I think of lipstick colors, my mind jumps to thoughts of    cherry red, coral pink or maybe a sassy orange. What doesn’t usually pop into my brain are the words Bugs Blood, Irony, Pewter Cauldron, or The Black Lagoon. Well thanks to Kim Damio, creator of Portland Black Lipstick Company (PBL), my eyes have been opened to a world beyond the traditional lip choices.

Not quite sure if you are ready to venture into a world of kooky lip color? Before you dismiss the idea as strictly for costumes I can tell you the metallic Irony color, coupled with a shiny pink gloss, got me several compliments the other night. And just today I saw a picture of Debbie Harry from Blondie rocking some hypothermia blue lips. It might not be for every day, but it’s definitely fun to play with. I talked with Damio about how this unusual idea all came to fruition.”

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