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PBLC in upcoming film ‘My Summer as a Goth!!’

Portland film makers Tara Johnson-Medinger and Brandon Roberts are currently working on an amazing film project–a story about growing up, falling in love and finding yourself–that is positively drenched in gorgeous, gothy goodness!!

To our absolute delight, PBLC makeup will be featured in the movie!  Take a look at this makeover scene that they have already shot:

Making a film is expensive!  As part of the project’s kickstarter campaign, PBLC has collaborated with the filmmakers to create goth makeover kits for anyone who donates $250 or more.  They made these adorable boxes:

Each box comes with three PBLC items: 1) Black Lipstick, of course!; 2) Vegan Corpse Paint; and 3) Dark Dark Dark, our new black eyeshadow!!  Dark Dark Dark was made specially for this box set and is not yet available for regular sale.

For more information on ‘My Summer as a Goth,’ visit their kickstarter page HERE

…or find them on facebook for updates and other movie-related details!!